Friday, April 23, 2010

D&T: Good news, bad news

Good news, bad news on the Death & Taxes front. The bad news first: The band is pretty much no more. No big surprises there, seeing how frontman Jeff Morris moved a thousand miles away from bandmates Mike Savitkas and Steve Toland about a year ago, making rehearsal, recording and a regular schedule, um, rather difficult. In fact, they were supposed to have played their last live show ever last week at the Brickhouse in Dover, N.H. Which we missed, unfortunately. Good news is that fans will be given a second — and maybe a third — chance to say their farewells. “Looking at booking one or two last shows in Boston and Dover by end of July,” Morse says, “then we will have to call it a day.” They’ll announce dates when they’re confirmed. Check out their Facebook page for details.

More good news is that they’ll be putting out a couple of songs. The first is a remastered version of the old Bruisers song “40 Miles of Bad Road,” which kicked off D&T’s “Back Alley of Broken Dreams,” the band’s 2005 demo. Not many of these puppies around any more — only 50 copies were made. They were given away to fans (and the press deadbeats, ‘natch) at local shows. It’s a completely different take from the original, which Morris wrote for the Bruisers’ “Up in Flames” album.  The second is a raw live track of D&T covering Hendrix’s “Roomful of Mirrors,” then sliding into the Bruisers’ “Gates of Hell.” Morris originally recorded “Roomful” for “The October Tapes,” a Zuni Fetish Experiment EP, which was released as that band morphed into Death & Taxes. The track, recorded last year at Gino’s in Portland, has an almost country opening. Definitely worth a listen.

Morris is also featured in ”Mutes in the Steeple: Stories from the Newburyport Music Scene,” a new film by Port native Joshua Pritchard. The film, which looks at the Port DIY scene back in the 1990s, debuts May 15 at the Burst & Bloom Festival at Buoy Gallery, 2 Government St., Kittery, Maine. 


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